John Skipper: “My career has prepared me for this moment”

DAZN Group Executive Chairman, John Skipper headlining Leaders Week London said his career has put him at the centre of the sports universe and at the helm of a sports streaming service that is scaling fast.

In conversation with Facebook’s Peter Hutton, he said DAZN was working to change the game as “a pure-play over-the-top sports streaming service with the intention to disrupt the world of pay TV and provide an alternative to fans.”

He continued that “OTT is a superior way to get content and the world is going to move to OTT. The win is being able to be interactive, knowing what team a fan supports and being able to serve customised content to them.”

Peter said he was enjoying life at Facebook, having joined at the start of 2018, and likes adapting to change. He added that Facebook is constantly changing with Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus and Messenger – tools that they can offer the sport industry.

Talking about the prospects of single-sport streaming services, John said that “we have a point of view about what’s going to win. It’s an aggregated service with a good price. It’s going to be multi-sport.”

He explained to a packed auditorium at Twickenham Stadium that key to DAZN’s business were first-tier live rights, such as Serie A in Italy, Bundesliga in Germany and MotoGP in Spain.

“We’re overwhelmingly focused on live games. The traditional set up with studio production is changing. You don’t need all that content. That’s the reality of how people watch.”

Peter added that Facebook was experimenting with sports rights around the world and performs well as a free-to-air funnel that can sit side-by-side next to DAZN and leads to a deeper fan experience.

Rounding off a wide-ranging discussion at London’s pre-eminent sport industry event, John said that DAZN got out of the blocks first and now the aim is to stay in front.