DAZN celebrates International Day of the Girl

This week, DAZN has been celebrating International Day of the Girl and our partnership with global children’s charity, PLAN International. Members of staff got together to talk about how we can make workplaces and wider communities a great place for the next generation – shaping these environments to champion equal opportunities, honesty and openness.

Our internal event was a panel discussion with Anthea Angelis, (SVP Creative), Laura Louisy (VP Rights Acquisition), Linda Vlasaku (Head of Consumer Strategy), Lou Lovett (Director New Markets Delivery) and Hemna Juneja (Head of Application Support). Their answers were packed with inspirational stories, an array of different experiences and advice for how we can work together to create an ever increasingly inclusive culture.

The themes that came out multiple times were that women should be encouraged to be fearless, bold and to make the most of opportunities. They had noticed, in their experiences throughout their careers, that women could sometimes be more adverse to risk taking than their male counterparts. The reasons behind this can vary dramatically from case to case – but what the panel resoundingly agreed on was how to overcome this.

Panellists agreed that we need to mould workplace cultures into being honest, open and diverse – we as individuals are responsible for making that change. By being a fraction more patient, making sure that senior members of staff are accessible to juniors and treating each other well, we will be sculpting a positive, inclusive and supportive environment that will breed success. If members of staff feel comfortable being themselves at work, they will champion what makes them different and use it to enrich conversations and help guide businesses towards making more all-rounded decisions.

VP Rights Acquisition, Laura Louisy said: “If we all decided in this room that are going to be open to people asking for advice, open to people wanting to go for a coffee then that’s all we need to do. HR policies and initiatives are great at encouraging and promoting this but fundamentally it comes down to how we treat each other.”

Creating this sort of culture can be challenging in a fast-paced environment but the silver lining is that every member of staff, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, background etc, can contribute and do their bit. Because by shaping an environment to be supportive, we will be empowering employees to be daring and successful, which will inspire others to do the same.

Hemna Juneja, Head of Application Support, commented: “It’s not always about diversity, it’s about inclusion. In IT we have been focusing on how we can get everyone included and involved in what we are doing, getting everyone working towards the same goals.”

The panel was then followed by a talk by Lucy Hawkes, a representative from our charity partner, PLAN International. Lucy touched on the project that DAZN supports in North-East Brazil and how they use football to engage local communities and challenge gender stereotypes. DAZN then also heard from DAZN Senior Recruiter Emma Rouhani, who had visited the project and been deeply moved by the positive impact that it was having in the local community.

The talks were an inspiring opportunity to learn from experienced members of staff and nurture discussions around what more can be done to make our current environments even better for the girls of today – who will be the women of tomorrow.