DAZN talks strategy at the 2019 Tech Leaders Summit

Tech Leaders Summit is one the UK’s leading events for technology leaders and decision makers with a focus on forward-thinking strategy. The annual conference brings together thought leaders from across the business world into the one room, to give high-level views of the technologies and trends impacting organisations and driving innovation in 2019 and beyond.

Always looking to be at forefront of technology discussions across the world, DAZN’s own SVP IT Services Georgina Owens took part in a panel this week – discussing digital transformation strides and forecasts for the future. She was joined by John Pillar of RBS, technology leader at Superbet Finbarr Joy, Robert Darling from Eko and Rufus Grig of Maintel Europe Ltd. We sat with Georgina to discuss her panel, and the honest discussions presented by the panel this week.

“What a great day at the Tech Leaders Summit with some inspiring leaders sharing views about digital transformation. We all agreed that viewing digital transformation as a large scary programme is outdated and should think about continuous quick wins for example the right app can be developed in a single sprint and still be truly transformational.”

Georgina continued: “To bring this to life, one of the panellists explained how they had developed an app for hospitals that reduced the turnaround time for preparing beds after patients leave by 30%. This led to a much quicker intake of patients and less hanging around on temp beds – this is truly transformative!”

“As a panel we discussed the cultural and human elements of transformation that are so often overlooked and yet crucial to the success of any digital change. In one organisation they implemented an agile and collaborative working environment with cloud technology. However, all these new tools didn’t change anything because the people part of the transformation were completely overlooked, and they just used new tools to do things the way they always had.”

The panel, hosted by Data Consultant Christopher Conroy, the panel consisted of a good blend of large corporate organisations, smaller start-up, scale ups and a software-focused company. This provided a plethora of shared experiences and similar challenges and opportunities no matter what the core drive of the company.

Wrapping up the day’s activities, Georgina talked through some of exciting prospects to come in the technology world: “Earlier in the day there was discussion about the 4th Industrial revolution and how convergence, connectivity and collaboration underpin this. The jury is still out on whether we will ever move into a world of virtual reality, but everyone is extremely excited about 5G and the possibilities that brings.

“Overwhelmingly the message was that the speed of technology advancement requires all leaders to have the ability to be flexible, adaptive and open minded to rapid change. They should be prepared to take their teams and organisations with them because it will make the difference between a business surviving or not.”