DAZN and PagerDuty team up for customer-focused tech solutions

DAZN is a platform that is always on for our customers, and reliability is key to delivering a great customer experience. For these reasons, DAZN is working with PagerDuty to help identify product issues and opportunities in real time, bringing together the right people to fix problems faster and learn how to prevent them in the future.

In honour of the partnership, DAZN was named ‘International Customer of the Year’ at the PagerDuty Summit 2019. Georgina Owens, SVP, IT Services at DAZN explained why this award was something beyond the ordinary:

“PagerDuty is an eight year old San Francisco based tech company that was founded by Alex Solomon, Andrew Miklas and Baskar Puvanasathan because they wanted to make alerting not only highly reliable but also simple and accessible. They built a cloud-based service that could aggregate incidents from multiple IT monitoring systems. In July 2016, PagerDuty aquired a new CEO, Jennifer Tejada; a move Forbes described as ‘Silicon Valley [is] regaining a standout female chief executive in its slow march toward more diverse and balanced workforces.’

“The product is a great fit for DAZN and we were one of the early adopters in EMEA purchasing it in March 2018. I have worked with the organisation and seen the incredible growth from the first ‘customer’ meeting in a tiny basement of a London club to around 500 at the London PagerDuty summit this year.”

Georgina also went on to discuss how DAZN and PagerDuty share a mutual goal to champion diversity across the technology industry through the partnership:

“What I really want to talk about is the energy and influence of Jennifer Tejada. She is a champion for diversity and has made a massive difference in her organisation by demonstrating leadership from the top and you can feel the enthusiasm and respect of the people that work for her. As an active champion of gender diversity, I have learnt many lessons from watching Jennifer. She describes her vision of the company being purely customer focused and making sure that everything they do must be for the benefit of the customer, which aligns with our own values at DAZN.

“It was an honour to be recognised for PagerDuty’s International Customer of the Year Award and to accept it on behalf of DAZN, but the real bonus was to see such an inspiring senior female leader in the technology workplace.”