DAZN Media: The future of OTT global media partnerships, sponsorship and advertising

With the announcement of DAZN Media this week, our business entity responsible for global media partnerships, DAZN enters a new age in its competitive OTT offering. DAZN Media will oversee all global and local commercial opportunities for brands across DAZN in countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, U.S., Canada, Japan and soon to launch in Brazil.

Launched alongside this news was DAZN+, a truly unique data-driven platform to engage with fans across the world. We sat down with our EVP Advertising Sales, Stefano D’Anna, to talk through the exciting news and DAZN’s continued momentum to change the sports streaming and advertising landscapes forever.

Stefano D’Anna, EVP Advertising Sales

Could you tell us more about DAZN+ and how the data-driven platform will engage with fans across the world?

DAZN+ is effectively an aggregation of all of our fan engagement platforms. By bringing together our media properties like Goal and Sporting News, our syndicated DAZN Player video network, social channels, talent and experiential platforms we can target fans when and where they engage with sports content.

We feel the combination of DAZN as the live offering and DAZN+ as an amplification platform underpinned by a data driven digital infrastructure, will offer brands unprecedented audience targeting across all platforms, including TV – something which doesn’t exist at the moment in the world of Sport.

How has advertising on the DAZN platform gone so far? 

We’re very much taking a test and learn approach at the moment. We are experimenting with various brand integrations and we’re lucky that the brand partners we’re working with currently are very supportive and see the longer term value of working with an innovative partner.

How are you working with companies like VW and Tipico? 

Each partner is slightly different based on the sports they want to align with and how they are integrated. Much of the integrations to date would be deemed relatively traditional from a programme sponsorship perspective, but what’s interesting for us is being able to layer in bespoke content offerings.

For example, with Bwin in Germany we have combined DAZN and DAZN+ to build an integrated media and content offering that will target fans pre, during and post event.

DAZN has seen an amazing opportunity to disrupt the sport-streaming market, do you see a similarly exciting opportunity to gives fans tailored advertising content in the future?

Absolutely. We have some way to go yet, but we have all the foundations in place to be able to deliver tailored, relevant ads to targeted segments based on what is of interest to them. Sports and advertising go hand in hand and fans understand that, but our focus has to be on enhancing the viewing experience and not detracting from it. The initial tests have been very positive and we’re very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead!