MWC 2019: Engaging the fan of the future

It is estimated that more than half of all video content consumed globally is viewed on mobile. So, it seemed fitting for us to discuss how content providers and rights holders should be engaging the sports fans of the future during the world’s largest mobile conference, Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona this week. Our SVP Business Development, Peter Parmenter took the stage alongside execs from F1, WWE and CNN to explore how streaming services like DAZN are innovating fandom.

The future of live sporting events is radically changing. Fans in the venue, at home or on-the-go have increased expectations and demands for how they can experience their entertainment. DAZN is leading the democratisation of sport by offering fans affordable and accessible sport.

Peter explained: “Our business model is unique and changing the way fans consume sport. We are giving our fans choice and putting the control of what you want to watch into the hands of the consumer, rather than the broadcaster.”

“Fans want the choice of whether to watch sport live or on demand. In Japan, fans want to be able to watch the Champions’ League at a time that’s convenient for them, and our platform enables them to do just that and download the game and watch it on the way to work.”

When it comes to creating content that appeals to fans and keeps them engaged, Peter stated that it’s not the broadcaster’s remit to influence the format of the live event itself but to innovate around that.

“It’s not about influencing the 90 minutes” he explained, “but it’s our job to influence outside that. At DAZN we use key local influencers in our markets to create content they know fans will love and share that with their audience.”

In Brazil, DAZN has teamed up with a passionate collective of football fanatics – and Brazil’s biggest football social media influencers – ‘Desimpedidos’, in a partnership that sees them take over presenting and commentary duties for DAZN’s live coverage of Serie A and Ligue 1 football matches streamed on social media. It’s a unique approach that other broadcaster’s in the market haven’t done before. The partnership also sees the influencers create original social media content on their own channels around DAZN’s live football coverage.

Peter continued: “It’s about creating content that tells stories. And we are successful in building narratives around our live events using athletes we have access to and the teams the fans love. It’s about innovating the presentation of our live content.”

Finally, Peter went on to discuss DAZN’s focus on future innovations: “In many ways, it’s about getting back to basics. That means making sure fans can enjoy the experience in full with a relentless focus on quality. The nature of our offering means we see enormous audiences come in to watch live events, concurrent events, just minutes before they start so we’re investing in our back-end service to deliver that quality.”