CES 2019 – VR Glasses and omnipresent Alexa, a look into the future of technology

More than 4,500 technology companies descended on Las Vegas last week for one of the world’s largest technology conventions, CES 2019. It was a showcase of the latest technology that could change the game for consumers. We sat down with members of the DAZN team that made the trip cross the Atlantic to get an insight into what really stood out:

Florian Diederichsen, Chief Technology Officer at DAZN: “From the brand side it has to be LG, their rolling television screen impressed me – in fact all of their TVs did.

“In terms of technology, the Real Max AR glasses stood out the most. The full field of view available when you had the glasses on was incredible, certainly something that I’ve never experienced before to that degree.”

Director of Product, New Markets and Strategic Initiatives Marcus Parnwell was also impressed by LG’s technology: “The LG OLED R TVs won everything and were stunning, with a rumoured Samsung S10 being foldable, 2019 could be the year of the foldable tech. Alexa was everywhere and in every device; Google Home less so but it’s clear that voice assistance is now a mainstream thing in the tech world.

Finally, the VR glasses – although still very niche – were impressive. The Oculus Quest was the first head set to not make me nauseas and the Real Max AR headset was very impressive with 110 degrees of viewpoint.”

Holly Ackerman, Head of Platform and Telecom Partnerships, talked to us about the most impressive hardware she experienced at the event:” Amazon are bringing out Alexa integrated glasses, which will project AR in front of you. For example, if you ask her how to cook something or the directions to somewhere she will direct you. It was amazing to see something so complex integrated into an item a large proportion of people rely on daily.”

When talking about DAZN and technology moving forward, Holly commented: “First thing that struck me was the visual impact and improvements that customers are going to expect on their screens – starting with High Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range.”

Peter Parmenter, SVP Business Development, gave his thought on the impressive technology at the event that DAZN are watching very carefully: “We’re are at the dawn of 5G – it’s a real thing – and will deliver incredible mobile broadband to millions of consumers. It was also interesting to see developments in the automotive world – the new, fast networks and a move to autonomous driving will spike significant interest in enhanced in-vehicle TV opportunities for DAZN in the future.”

Ben Sollosi, Partnerships Account Manager, was impressed by the presence of the likes of Alexa and Google Home: “After seeing a range of technology during the week, I think Alexa and Google assistant have really advanced over the last couple of years and will certainly play a part with DAZN in the future. It was everywhere and integrates on almost everything.”

Overall, CES 2019 saw more than 180,000 attendees visit the show last week to take a look at the latest tech innovations across the exhibit space. On every corner turned, you were met with ground-breaking technology capturing the imagination of buzzing tech fans getting their fix for the new year. As DAZN continues to buck the trend of sport broadcasting, and new markets get announced, CES is a must attend event for one of the most disruptive companies in the “techsphere”.