AUGUST 15, 2017

By Luca Mezzalira – Systems Architect

DAZN is still a relatively new platform, but since day one the entire company has been very focused on providing the best experience on multiple devices, meaning we are therefore heavily involved in the developers’ communities. This year we have made a concerted effort to be more involved in the community sharing what we have learnt until now with a series of activities, as well as showing our support for the contribution developers have made to this point.

Over the last few months, DAZN has been at and sponsored the following events:

The teams spread across these territories enjoyed the experience and our engineers loved the possibility to share their experiences and the opportunity to learn from other developers in a truly open mind way.

When we decided to sponsor these events, our main goal is to get in touch with the developers’ communities to show them exactly what it is we are building at DAZN, getting feedback from them and letting them know we are actively seeking new engineers to join our ever expanding teams in London and Katowice.

We were fortunate enough in all of the events we attended to be met with a huge crowd. There was a great amount of interest in DAZN, but the particular focus was placed upon how exactly we are operating such a complex platform as DAZN. Many were keen to find out more about the technical side of the operation, the difficulties of working on multiple devices from the very beginning and what DAZN has planned for the future.

Considering we are dealing with an interesting technology stack (Serverless, Docker, Node.js, ES6, React, MobX…) we really loved receiving and providing feedback on our approach from the community. Our engineers had a great time in all the events, interacting with the audience, engaging with other developers and sometimes sharing our experience in public talks.

One of the unique features of DAZN is that we are not only trying to revolutionise the sports industry with a disruptive product but the fact we love what we are doing at the same time. The journey has been a good one so far and we are looking forward to seeing where it takes us in the future. We are always looking for ways to enhance our engineering culture and regularly stimulate our developers with activities and challenges, something that is quite rare within other similar companies in the industry.

We are now a year into our developer activities, and our engineers are regularly attending and speaking at industry meet ups and events in both London and Katowice. We’ve also been heavily involved with contributions to open source projects, as well as writing posts on our Medium publication page. We are very conscious that we are working in a very active industry where the bar is higher and higher every day, but our “collaborative effort” mind set is helping us to grow properly, shape our future and empower people to be the future technical leaders of our company.