JUNE 2, 2017

Thanks to a brilliant partnership with Apple, DAZN has created a bespoke app for iOS users. Here’s a quick overview of how we went about to bring it to life.

What is a Native iOS app?

There are two main types of apps in the app store, native and hybrid. Hybrid apps are, essentially, websites that are wrapped in an app wrapper. These are a lot quicker to make, however, they don’t have all of the nice finishing touches that you’ll see in native apps. For the initial launch of DAZN back in August 2016, we had to work quickly to produce a hybrid app for iOS users, and while it has worked well (we’ve had hundreds of thousands of downloads), it’s time to improve the app as DAZN expands globally.

Native means that we are using a coding framework specified by Apple for the best App experiences on iPhones/iPads to make an application that is quicker, faster and gives us the ability to add loads of cool features that come for free such as split screening.

What is the thinking behind the newest version of the app?

We’ve been working really hard to create version 2.0 of the DAZN iOS app. In essence, it will provide a significantly improved and smoother integration with the Apple eco-system and a faster performing app in general, giving fans the best possible experience. Perhaps most importantly, however, it will enable sign-up on iOS, making it even easier to access the sport they love quicker.

Sounds great! So what’s new in the latest version?

We’ve got loads of really cool new features that we’re really excited to roll out on the new version of the app.

In-app Payment: We’ve enabled a 2 click sign up for anyone signed into iTunes Connect. It means you can still watch DAZN on all other platforms after signing up via iOS. All payments are handled through Apple via iTunes billing, and users will be able to cancel their subscription at any time.

New Look:  The new thumbnails in the app will give us a great deal more flexibility. The new tiles feature our amazing sports imagery showcasing the best of DAZN. It also lets us display even more information using much less space, that way users can find what they want to watch next as quickly as possible.

New Player: In the new app, we’ve also implemented a completely new player design, as well as improved performance of Playback. This means that Playback will start sooner and will jump up to HD quicker. The new player design makes playback even more unobtrusive, with a new scrub bar that makes it easier than ever to find the perfect part of the action. This combined with our new playback mechanism means that when you scrub to a different part of the action, you’ll be spending a significantly less amount of time buffering.

Schedule: The Native iOS app has given us the platform to include our brand new Schedule (EPG). This is something that we’re all really excited about, as it will allow our fans to look 14 days into the future to see what is going to be live on the platform. As well as this, you can backdate up to 30 days to catch up on anything that you may have missed.

Native Navigation: The new release has enabled us to implement native iOS navigation patterns, making it easier to surface content and jump between pages via the tab bar at the bottom

Native Airplay: Airplay is here. Anyone with an Apple TV can cast from the native iOS app straight to their TV without any need to plug in cables or find the remote.

So, will all users have to update their app to continue watching DAZN?

No, this will not be a forced upgrade. Users can continue watching the old version of the app, however, we should always encourage users to upgrade to the latest version of DAZN to enjoy all of the great new features. It will install over your current DAZN app, you won’t even have to log back into DAZN.

Is it available on Apple Phones and tablets?

Yes, it is supported on iPhone 4S onwards, iPad 2 onwards and iPod Touch (5th Gen)

This sounds great, who is behind the app being built?

This is the first time that we have used our internal developers from the new team in Katowice, Poland. The iOS team have previously been involved in a number of other Perform Group projects such as the app. But, all in the space of 7 months, they’ve been able to build an entire new Native iOS app with a slick new look!

Here are some of the team that have been seeing through the project:

  • Senior Product Managers: Adam Race, Mujahid Ali
  • Senior UX Designers: Dave Campbell, Dario Codipietro, Chloe Wood
  • Software developers: Jakub Gert, Arkadiusz Matecki, Rafal Szastok, Rafal Zowal, Marcin Polak, Joachim Kret, Pawel Palka, Bartosz Odrzywolek
  • QA: Krzysztof Kupczyk, Toby Elliott, Korneliusz Rembak, Tomasz Kubit
  • Technical Programme Manager/Scrum Masters: Gosia Dykowska, Jonasz Borys
  • In App Payment Product Management: David Francesconi
  • Solution Architect: Luca Mezzalira