JUNE 2, 2017

DAZN is now available on Apple TV!  Here’s Senior Product Manager Sam Shirley to talk us through everything you need to know about our app on the platform.

Who are you and what do you do at DAZN?

I’m Sam Shirley and am the product owner for Apple TV – as part of my role as Senior Product Manager for DAZN’s bespoke TV platforms. I am responsible for defining the DAZN experience on Apple TV – working alongside our designers and software developers to create a product that we want our users to love. Apple TV is a flagship TV app for DAZN, so it’s important to get it right.

We have a standard version of our app that works across many platforms, but for TV platforms that use different technologies – such as Apple TV – we have to deliver a different implementation. That’s where I come in.

Can you tell us a little more about what Apple TV actually is?

Apple TV is a streaming box that you connect to your TV. If you are an iPhone user, it has a familiar look and feel, but you use the Siri-enabled remote touch remote control to find and choose programmes to watch, and even to play games. On the fourth (and newest) generation, where DAZN is available, you can download your favourite TV apps, many of which have been designed to match the Apple ‘look’.

Sounds great! What was the thinking behind launching DAZN on this platform?

The launch of DAZN on 4th generation Apple TV’s is an important step forward for the development of our service. This is our first bespoke TV app and our first TV platform that enables sign up to DAZN with in-app purchase (using iTunes Store billing). Apple TV is fast growing platform on which we can continue to improve DAZN.

Partnering with Apple, we have optimised our experience for Apple TV users, drawing on great features such as voice search, live tile preview, and events showcasing in the home screen top shelf. And the story doesn’t end there – as Apple TV continues to innovate, we will also do the same for DAZN.

What new or existing features can we expect to see included in the Apple TV launch?

There are a fair few new features that will be part of the DAZN experience on Apple TV.

Top Shelf: Before you even launch the DAZN app, see showcased live and on-demand games available to watch in the Apple TV home screen top shelf. Select an event you want to see and you will be taken straight to playback, or to sign up if you are new to DAZN. To use the feature, just drag and drop the app into the top row of apps.

Sign up with iTunes store: This is pretty self-explanatory, it’s a simple sign up for Apple TV users who have an active iTunes Store account. You can still watch DAZN on all other platforms after signing up via Apple TV, and all payments are handled through Apple (via iTunes billing). Users can cancel their subscription via iTunes or on their Apple TV in Settings.

Live tile preview: Unlike DAZN’s other TV platforms, a top sporting event is not auto-played on the home page. Instead, on Apple TV, there’s a unique live preview feature – rolling over a tile for a live game will start playing the action in the tile that can then be played full screen

Schedule: In line with the launch of the Native iOS app, we are also bringing in a schedule with the Apple TV launch. A unique Apple TV design to create a programme guide-like experience. Scroll forward to see what’s up to two weeks in advance, or scroll back to catch up on what you’ve missed from the previous 30 days.

Sports section: With a swipe on the touch remote, quickly scroll through your favourite sports with the Apple TV Sports section.

Search: You can use your Siri-enabled remote control for voice searching in DAZN Search. Enjoy image-rich search results when you look for sports, tournaments, and teams.

Player: We’ve adopted the Apple TV Player (used by others such as Netflix), which is great for quick start of playback. Unique for a DAZN platform, you rewind with a thumbnail preview, so that you can quickly find the moment you want to watch.

This sounds really cool, how many people does it take to get the app to this point?

In total, we’ve had eleven people in the Apple TV team whose hard work has brought the app to release:

    • Senior Product Manager: Sam Shirley
    • Senior UX Designer: Patrick Schirvanian
    • Software developers: Helen Humphrey, Thomas Minton, Pietro Peluso, Antonio De Luca, and Tom Franks
    • QA: Michael Mould, Korneliusz Rembak, (and formerly Toby Elliott)
    • Technical Programme Manager: Mark Nutt
    • Solution Architect: Luca Mezzalira

And, these guys were just the development team working on the app. This number hugely inflates once we include Marketing, Commercial and other support teams to get the feature into the hands of fans.