APRIL 7, 2017

You (hopefully) already know a bit about DAZN’s team in the UK, Germany and Japan and what they get up to, but what you may not know is that we also work with a team in Perform Group’s office in Katowice, Poland.

The team is involved in a number of projects to help support and manage the development of new devices and platforms. Some of the assignments they are involved in include backend and frontend applications, product development for mobile devices equipped with Android and iOS operating systems and expanding DAZN’s availability on platforms such as television sets or set-top boxes dedicated to different markets.

Do what you love every day and believe in what you do.

Some opportunities only come once. And we are currently looking for more than 50 technology specialists to join our 20-strong team working on DAZN in our development centre in Katowice.

Arek, one of our iOS developers said: ”We’re creating something really unique for sports fans that involve some of the most popular sports from around the world, including Premier League, LaLiga, NBA, NFL and loads more. What I love the most about working on DAZN is that we are using the newest technologies and have a great working atmosphere in the office. What more could you want from a job? Ok, an inflatable palm tree and a flying shark – but we’ve got those as well!”

Marzanna Poborska, HR Manager Perform Group: “We are currently looking for front-end developers, Node.js developers, QA specialists and programmers with experience in creating OTT services. Developers who like sport will definitely get a sense of satisfaction from working with us; it’s not every day that you are offered a great professional challenge alongside an opportunity to work with some of the biggest sports brands.”

Speak up. Step up. Make it happen.

New employees receive support from colleagues and team leaders to make their adaptation much easier. Exchange of knowledge, training sessions, workshops and all the support you need, plus fantastic extracurricular activities, ensure that employees feel empowered and welcome.

DAZN is developed in Scrum, an iterative and incremental Agile software development framework that enables teams to self-organize by encouraging teamwork, focus and courage. DAZN is a place where Scrum works – we are much more than “Waterfall with stand ups” – this is a massive catalyst for improving team productivity and the product development process.

Krzysiek, who works in QA: “DAZN is a place where you can make your mark on a brand new product. The opportunity to make a difference whilst watching live sports, during working hours, is definitely a bonus that works incredibly well for me. You can do some awesome things here!”

For a list of our current job opportunities please go to our careers page.