MARCH 22, 2017

With the 2017 F1® season just around the corner (excuse the pun!), here at DAZN we are getting seriously excited about the new season.

In preparation for this weekend’s first race in Melbourne, Australia, we are celebrating the ‘new era’ of Formula One® with a campaign called ‘F1 Just Got,’ which aims to champion the changes that are occurring in the sport as of this season. This video produced by our content team brilliantly previews the new season and showcases the changes that have been brought in to improve the sport.


If you didn’t already know, the size and shape of the cars are going to be slightly different in 2017 from what we’ve seen in previous years. To start with the tyres are going to be a sizeable 25% bigger than before and are considered a key part of the sport’s technical shake-up. The bodywork is also going to increase in size as a result and the cars will be significantly bigger and wider than we’ve ever seen.


Due to the substantial changes in the shape and size of the cars, they are naturally going to be faster. The sport’s governing body, the FIA, predict substantial gains of ‘over three seconds’ will be achieved, meaning that 2017 should be even more exhilarating than ever before!


It’s not just the cars that are going to be changing in the 2017 season. Due to the altercations in the size and power of the cars, they are going to be significantly harder to drive. This means that the drivers are going to have to be more aggressive in their driving and in their preparation routines, requiring extra strength to handle the power of the new and improved cars.

The 2016 season finished in dramatic style and saw German Nico Rosberg take the Championship before stunning the world by announcing his retirement the next day. And, the 2017 edition is set to be one of the most thrilling F1® seasons to date. Seven of the last 11 drivers to win the Australian GP went on to win the Drivers’ Championship at the end of that season, so all eyes will be on the opening race this weekend. You can watch all the entire race weekend, including all practices, qualifying and race day, live on DAZN in Japan.